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Data management

One law for research data: that would seem to be a practical response. But the reality is different. Hard and soft law influences individual data management plans in different ways. How this works needs to be understood in order to find contractual, technical and organizational solutions.This new series of interviews is intended to raise awareness and explore the whole regulatory field.

Privacy by Design
When:16 December 2015

Privacy by design for research data’ was the theme at the November 12 2015 seminar organized by the Research Data Office of the University of Groningen and “het Privacy Paleis”. The Privacy Paleis is a platform in Groningen that aims to raise societal awareness on privacy matters.

An option on a star
When:16 November 2015

“When a star, or a another object such as a galaxy, is observed by a telescope or instrument, a researcher can be given an option on a star. The researcher will then have temporary exclusive rights to publish results and conclusions from that data. The only legal issue the project has, is one of intellectual property rights, in particular that you should never make somebody else’s proposal public. Stars are not very sensitive about IP or privacy.”

‘Not objections but clear boundaries!’
When:16 September 2015

Marie-José Bonthuis, IT legal expert, is involved in the LifeLines project and several other projects with (scientific) personal data. In this interview, she explains how thinking about data management in an early stage of a research project can help to consider innovative approaches to privacy issues.

Legal Aspects of Data Management
When:25 June 2015

Hard and soft law will influence each data management plan in a different way. Awareness on how this works is needed to seek contractual, technical and organizational solutions.