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Identifying innovative entrepreneurship

18 February 2016
Prof. Dries Faems
Prof. Dries Faems

What factors hinder companies in North Netherlands to innovate? In the next weeks more than 4,000 companies will be asked to fill out the online questionnaire about their innovation and their innovation strategy, including

  • environmental innovation,
  • social innovation,
  • open innovation
  • reativity of employees.

In 2015, a similar Benchmark Northern Netherlands study was conducted. One of the conclusions: SMEs should innovate radically to be successful in the long term. Radical innovation refers to create products and services that are new to the market .

Initiators of the innovation project are Prof. Dries Faems, Innovation and Organisa-tion department of the University, in collaboration with The Northern Netherlands Pro-vinces alliance (SNN).

Strategic Innovation meeting in June

June 2016, the conclusions of the updated Benchmark Northern Netherlands study will be presented at the Strategic Innovation meeting. Programme details and location to be announced.


The online Benchmark 2016 questionnaire

Innovation Benchmark Northern Netherlands 2015 document, please click here



Prof. dr. Dries Faems, Professor of Innovation & Organization

For more information on Business Development and Entrepreneurship, please contact Marnix Pool of Research & Valorisation

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