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Bio-ITech BV signs eLabJournal deal with UG and UMCG

05 October 2016

Big deal for University’s spin-off Bio-ITech BV. Last week the Groningen based company signed a deal with the UG and the UMCG to provide Groningen researchers the electronic lab notebook (ELN) system eLabJournal. eLabJournal provides an excellent system to make research results easier to document in a tra-ceable manner. Wouter de Jong, Bio-ITech product manager, is really proud with the cooperation

Wouter de Jong
Wouter de Jong

De Jong: ‘We have been working with the UG and UMCG for several years, but this agreement marks a new milestone. We will deploy a tailor-made solution for UG and UMCG researcher that helps researcher in both institutes to collaborate and share information. With this eLabJournal onpremise installation we provide a system that is more capable to deal with large experimental datasets and also offer a solution that is in line with the security policy of both institutes.’

Streamlining lab processes

Researchers traditionally use hand-written lab notebooks to accurately document the experiments that they carry out. The results, often generated as digital data, are stored on various computers, local harddrives and on DVD’s and are hardly traceable. De Jong: ‘With eLabjournal, labs are more efficient in organizing lab experiments and data in a traceable manner and in accordance with Good Laboratory Practice regulations. Moreover, eLabJournal also offers the functionality to track the laboratory inventory, share common lab procedures and streamline lab processes such a consumable ordering and communication.’

Helping researchers to apply for grants

The eLabJournal comes at the right time for UG/UMCG deal. Wouter: ‘Not only offers the system a solution to institutes in improving research quality and assuring research data, but it also helps researchers to apply for grants. Researchers and industry consortia must submit a detailed plan how they organize the management of its research data: How will the data be made available for verification and reuse, how the data will be shared. The electronic lab notebook eLabJournal is the answer to those requirements.’

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Last modified:15 September 2017 3.18 p.m.

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