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How to make a video of your research (16 October)

In their search for experts, ‘the media’ usually start with internet. Researchers who have posted a video on YouTube about their research have an advantage: images speak stronger than words. Modern mobile phones (Android and iPhone) offer sufficient quality to make an attractive video for YouTube that people actually like to watch, but you need to know how to use a storyboard and simple props for a good result. The aim of this training is that by the end of the day you have made your first video about your research, and that you know how to further develop your skills.

For this training you need to work in a team. Participants are group leaders with one or two of their own team members. As the training has limited capacity, the organisers will check that teams from all faculties are enrolled. The training focusses on the Dutch media. Therefore, we expect the participating group leaders to master the Dutch language sufficiently for an interview about their research.

Target audience

Please note : Only group leaders can register for this workshop. As the workshop is conducted in teams, group leaders need to bring one or two scientific members of their own research group (such as PhD students) along. To enable group leaders to make the most of this workshop, the trainers will contact them for an intake interview by telephone. The intake interview will take place between 13 and 17 o'clock on either Wednesday, 27 September, or Monday, 2 October. After registration, we will contact the group leader to ask for the names of the other group members, and to make an appointment for the intake interview on one of the two dates mentioned.


Monday 16 October 2017, 9:00 to 17:00. Including lunch.


Location in Duisenberg Building, Zernike


Jeanine de Bruin and Lennart Wesel (Hakuna Matata, science & media)


Maximum 12 teams consisting of a group leader and 1 or 2 team members, the team collaborates the whole day


Depending on the participants, parts of the training can be in English, whereas certain exercises which will be in Dutch


Per team (group leader and 1 or 2 group members) € 150,-. Including lunch.


  • Visualise your message with photos and metaphors
  • Practice in ‘carrousel’ and in small groups
  • Consider the goal of your video:
    • Who is your target audience?
    • Where/how do you want to use/show the video?
  • Practice with ‘a fascinating start’
  • Design the flow of your story with a storyboard
  • Feedback on storyboards in small groups
  • Prepare the video shoot (make a shot list, select locations, props etc.)
  • Introduction on video techniques using your phone
  • Make a video with ‘in-camera editing’
  • Practice with light, sounds, frames, varying shots
  • Present your video to the group and get feedback
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