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Thursday 12 October

Horizon 2020 for beginners

Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme running 2014 – 20120. With a budget of € 80 Billion, the programme funds projects for excellent individual researchers and for European consortia. But how does it work?

In this session we will explain the background and the structure of H2020. The three Pillars, the Workprogrammes, calls for proposals, format of a proposal and support.

Target audience: Early career researcher, mid-career researchers, senior career researcher, research and policy professionals

Time Speakers
09:00-9:45 Dr. Jantien Oppentocht, Research Office, UMCG
Drs. Geert-Jan Arends, Research & Valorisation, RUG

Views from within: Evaluators, Coordinators and Partners

We can all read in the official documents how to write a proposal and how it will be evaluated. But what really happens is something else. In this session we give you a view from behind the scenes.

Bart van der Laar will tell us about his experiences as a coordinator. How do you find the right call, build a consortium  and write the proposal.

Bettina van Hoven was involved as a partner in a proposal coordinated by a UK University. Your task seems more easy as partner but is that really true? And how do you find consortia that are willing to take you on board?

Target audience: Early career researcher, mid-career researchers, senior career researcher, research and policy professionals
Time Speaker Role
09:50-10:45 TBA Evaluator
Drs. Bart van de Laar Coordinator
Dr. Bettina van Hoven Partner

Marie Sklodowska Curie Action: Innovative Training Networks

The MSCA ITN is a great instrument for all disciplines: in a typical network of 6-8 European partners, academic and non-academic, you will receive funding for PhD’s. These PhD’s will work on their own project but also in a joint overarching theme. There are many joint activities like Summerschools to bind the team together.
Special ITN’s are Joint Doctorates in which a smaller number of partners really give a joint doctorate, and Industrial Doctorates where Industry plays a major role.

Unfortunately, the success-rate of ITN is low. So we need to really optimize our proposals to have a chance of funding. Anna Goedhart is the ITN specialist at the Dutch national contact point RVO and will inform us about ITN.

Sandra Dijkstra has successfully submitted a proposal. She will share her experience in building a consortium, writing a proposal, coping with a rejection, resubmitting and celebrating success.

Target audience: mid-career researchers, senior career researcher, research and policy professionals

Time speakers
11:00-12:15 Anna Goedhart (RVO)
Sandra Dijkstra, Energy Academy Europe

Lunch lecture: Lobbying in Brussels

by Govert Buijs

For several years Govert Buijs was the lobbyist for the University of Groningen and UMCG. He tried to make the connection between the three societal themes and the Brussels’ priorities. In this Lunch Lecture he will tell us about his experiences. What can be done? What is a relevant network? As an example he will explain about the lobby for social scientists in the energy field.

Afternoon session Social Sciences and Humanities

This session is tailor-made for the Social Sciences and Humanities (alfa and gamma faculties). We will tell you about the possible Workprogrammes and topics within Horizon 2020 and briefly tell about COST and INTERREG. And how do do start a project? What do you do if you are asked to joint an existing consortium. And can you get support?

Time speakers


13:30 Lieke Michiels van Kessenich (RVO) Opportunities for AlfaGamma in H2020
14:00 Sharon Smit (RUG) How was Accomplish set up?
14:30 Tialda Haartsen (RUG) How to find a Coordinator
15:00 Camilla Schaafsma (RUG) Where can you get support

Afternoon session Healthy Ageing

Time Speaker Title
13:30 Dr. Jantien Oppentocht, Research Office UMCG Welcome
13:35 Dr. Tonnie Rijkers, Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) Horizon 2020 – Health calls
14:20 Dr. Anja Smykowski, UMCG Grant Support Hub Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI2)
14:30 Dr. Anja Smykowski, UMCG Grant Support Hub COST
14:40 Maarten Eisema, (RUG/UMCG) Active and Assisted Living Programme (AAL)
14:55 Maarten Eisema, (RUG/UMCG) Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI)
15:10 Dr. Roel van der Heijden, UMCG Center For Development and Innovation European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) Health
15:25 Josine van 't Klooster, UMCG Healthy Ageing Team Grant Support Hub
15:40 Informal Q&A session; Drinks

Afternoon parallel session: Science and Engineering

Time Speaker Title
13:30 Saske Hoving (RVO). National Contact Point for Food/Agro/Maratie/Bio of H2020 Food security, sustainable agriculture, marine and maritime research and the bioeconomy, biotechnology
14:15 TBA Nanotechnologies, advanced materials and advanced manufacturing and processing, biotechnology
14:45 Break
15:00 Robert Jan Slobben (Coordinator Research, Energy Academy) Secure, clean and efficient energy
15:30-16:00 TBA Climate action, resource efficiency and raw materials
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