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Wander Jager | 2 | “ Teaching the complexity of societal dynamics using computer simulations”

In this workshop I will explain some principles of social complex systems, why this is important to include in our curriculum (related to energy & sustainable transition), and how agent based simulation tools (Netlogo) provide a great tool for students to explore the dynamics of social complex systems. The participants have to bring a laptop with Netlogo installed.

Hedderik van Rijn | 7 | “ Providing Students with an Adaptive Fact Learning System in Nestor”

The Rugged Learning / SlimStampen adaptive learning system allows students to acquire factual knowledge calibrated to their own learning capacities. Research has demonstrated sizable increases in learning efficiency. In addition, it provides lecturers with "learning analytics" about the relative difficulty of facts, allowing them to focus on these domains in lectures.

Harianne Hegge | 9 | “ Serious Game Experience; workshop about embedding a serious game in the curriculum”

In (medical) education more use is made of technologically supported simulations. This workshop is about the Delirium Experience, a serious health game in which recently acquired knowledge must be applied in an environment that is safe for the patient and student.  You will  experience our program and the game.

Pablo Valdivia, Alberto Godioli and Vera Alexander | 10 | " Reading 2.0: teaching literature with algorithms?”

"Reading 2.0" refers to our innovative curriculum design, introduced to enhance and develop the students' close reading and analytical skills. We will focus on our experience using Perusall and Peerceptiv in the study and teaching of literary/cultural content and the creation of strong learning networks in and outside the class.

Mariet Hofstee | 19 | “The use of automated homework system in science”

Since Fall 2016 UCG has been using the Webwork Homework system for individualised Math and Calculus Homework. We will share our experience and provide some information on the student perspective as well. Feasibility for implementation in a much larger setting is also presented
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