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Diversity and inclusion

Maarten Gijsenberg | 12 | "Teamwork: Shake'm, Make'm, Like'm?"

Teamwork is part of nearly every course, and faces two challenges: making internally diverse teams, and evaluating diverse individual contributions. The CATME tool, based on scholarly research, allows to address both issues in an easy way. This will be further explained in the presentation.

Maria Ioannou | 16 |“Beyond tolerating diversity”

My goal is to share some thoughts deriving from my experience in teaching at the RUG concerning diversity: what it means in this context, whether and how it is approached both in classroom as well as outside the classroom, and how else it could be conceptualized and addressed or utilized.

Michiel Duchateau and Kevin Haines | 27 | “ What shall we do with the intercultural? Diversity, student group-work and us”

Introduction to Public Law is an ‘internationalised’ course. In it, ‘international’ students cooperate in groups to research the law of many different countries. We will present how this intercultural cooperation has affected the design of this course, that does not have intercultural cooperation as a specified learning outcome.

Sake Jager |26 | “ENVOIE: Global Competence Development through Online International Exchange”

The eLearning project ENVOIE ( ) creates opportunities for teachers to experiment with online international exchange (OIE), an innovative form of‌ learning in ‌which‌ students from universities in different countries work together online. This introduction outlines the rationale for the project and gives information for participating in similar projects.

Peter Groote |26 | “Enhancing experiential fieldwork with OIE preparation: a simple geography good practice”

Students from human geography do a self-designed research project in an unknown area, in this case Chicago. This year we enhanced the preparation phase with an OIE experience in which Groningen students video-conference twice with geography students from DePaul University Chicago, who take the role of local consultants. We will give results and discuss the advantages of keeping things simple.

Bartjan Pennink | 26 | “Collaborating, cooperating and virtual teams”

First experiences of making combinations of e-learning, virtual teams , cultural diversity, having a host institute as leading cultural in Indonesia. We will give an overview of the project and we reflect on this first shift with a focus on how parties (can) work together.

Janny de Jong and Senka Neuman- Stanivukovic |14| "Teaching Beyond Borders - How Can Digital Tools Help Us Enhance European Educational Experiences?"

We will present how digital tools have helped us create and implement a fully integrated joint course between 3 (this academic year) and 8 (next academic year) different Universities. Moreover, we will address how requirements of personalized and active learning, inclusive classroom, and research-driven learning can be achieved in a digital environment.

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