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Activating students

Oksana Kavatsyuk | 3 | "Discovering Calculus"

Students falling asleep during Calculus lectures? Not anymore at University College Groningen. Teaching without lectures but with discovery sessions based on worksheets and real-life examples make students very enthusiastic. We try to convey the story behind the mathematics.

Aleid Brouwer and Frans Sijtsma | 4 | Virtual Fieldwork, RL students”

Student activation by means of Virtual Fieldwork. During the course student have assignments, where they need to collect data and add it on a framework (Mapprz, comparable to a Google Maps environment) by means of an app. It activates students to link their personal daily life to relevant theoretical concepts.

Matthew Groves | 5 | Laserpointers and other trolls to stimulate active learning in lectures”

Activating large groups of students in lecture theatres is (and likely always will be!) a challenge, but it can also be fun. There are a few techniques I'm developing that may provide some solutions that I'm happy to share and discuss with students and other lecturers...

Helco G. van Keeken | 11 | “Human Movement Sciences Skills Lab”

The innovative Academic Workplace for the Conservative Student; hands on experience, based on movement-scientific theories about motor learning.

Stuart Zhu | 13 | IPass: Promoting active learning in international classroom.”

This contribution consists of two parts: The design of digital individual portfolio and the guidelines of peer feedback. The digital individual portfolio shows the link between the learning objectives, course contents, and assessment criteria. In this way the portfolio acts as a learning map.

Jocelien Olivier | 17 | How to make your class interactive”

An interactive presentation on how to motivate students to actively participate during lectures. The use of cell phones is for instance a perfect tool to use in your class. The best thing? Everyone has one!

Marije Elferink-Gemser | 21 | “ Challenge talent to bridge the gap between science and practice”

The presentation will be about the master course Sport & Talent in which students learn several ways of bridging the gap between science and practice resulting in an applied scientific paper. Several teaching methods are combined (Perusall assignments, lectures, discussion meetings, poster presentation carousel, interviews, and elevator pitches).

Casper Albers | 22 | Implementing the Flipped Classroom: An exploration of study behaviour and student performance”

In my talk, I will discuss an experiment with the flipped classroom, performed at the faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences. Unlike most other experiments, we tracked students' study behaviour during the course. In my talk I will present our findings and guidelines for those aiming at implementing the Flipped Classroom .

Gijsbert Vonk | 25 |

A personal tale of innovations in classical courses using video presentations and MC exams and of a pilot which exchanges video course units between universities.

Eline Blaauw and Thijme Langelaar | 30 | “Ability Battle Hackaton 2018 - a project by students for students”

Bringing multidisciplinary teams of students from Europe together in Groningen to create a new educational package that lets (para-)medical students experience being disabled. They compete in a student-organized hackathon to come up with the best package to do so. In the workshop, the visitors compete in a mini battle themselves.

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