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Staff members with discipline Engineering, Multidisciplinary

Academia develops at the interface of different fields. This is one reason why the University of Groningen is home to a wide range of fields, each with a great number of subject specialists. The overview below, which is based on a standard categorization of fields, will help you find the right expert for each field. If you cannot find the expert you are looking for in this list, try searching via a related field or faculty; you may find him or her there.

Overview of all disciplines

Mechatronic engineering 
Piezoelectric materials
Micro/Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS/NEMS)
Flexible electronics
Sensors (piezoelectric, gas)
Piezoelectric devices
Micro/nano electronics
Distributed Information Systems, Service Computing, Pervasive Systems, Energy Distribution, Spatial Representation and Reasoning
prof. dr. ir. M. (Marco) Aiello
Honorary Professor of Distributed Systems
Ongoing research covers energy system integration questions, modelling, transition processes towards low carbon energy systems and related innovation and policy questions. Main key words: Biobased Economy, renewable energy technologies, energy system and scenario analysis and modelling, sustainability assessments of energy systems, alternative transport fuels, decarbonisation of fossil fuels, capture and storage of CO2, hydrogen economy, waste treatment, material & energy efficiency, technological learning and innovation in energy systems, greenhouse gas balances & accounting, energy and research policies.
prof. dr. A.P.C. (André) Faaij

Distinguished Professor Energy System Analysis
Development of education, Design education, Academic and Engineering Skills, Workshops (practicals), Internationalisation, Engineering, Sustainable Design. Industrial Engineering and Management methods (methodology)

Project Leader/ Research Technician
Media studies, user studies & STS, co-creation practices, Living lab methodologies, Digital Humanities Information studies
dr. S.C. (Sabrina) Sauer

Assistant professor Media Studies
MEMS/NEMS fabrication
MEMS design and simulation
Thin film Deposition
Nature-inspired sensors
Materials science and engineering
Hot deformation flow stress modeling
Molecular dynamics simulation
Biological fluid mechanics and locomotion of marine, aquatic and aerial organisms, i.e. swimming and flying in all its forms. Steady and unsteady hydro- and aerodynamics of swimming and flying in nature and technology. Filtration systems in nature and technology. Biomimetics of locomotion including energetic consequences, filtration and sensory systems.
dr. E.J. (Eize J.) Stamhuis

Assoc. Prof. Exp. Marine Zoology & Biomimetics
Mechanical engineering: tribology & lubrication; multiscale contact mechanics; advanced manufacturing; renewable energy; biomechanics
Biological fluid mechanics of aerial and aquatic locomotion, Computational Fluid Dynamics of moving systems, Biomimetic Engineering and Optimization
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