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Science Faction

Like us, do you have a passion for education and research? Then don't forget to vote in the upcoming university council elections.

As Science Faction, we stand for the following 10 points:

  1. Less bureaucracy: Professional autonomy for teacher and researcher.
  2. Working at a university where core academic values come into their own.
  3. A robust budget where resources go to education and research in a sustainable way.
  4. Protection of employee privacy. We oppose the proposed use of AI to start monitoring employees' online behaviour.
  5. Not scheduling classes and exams during autumn and spring breaks.
  6. A pleasant workplace: Sustainability and greening of the office environment.
  7. Less workload: Sustainable improvement of the student-staff ratio.
  8. More job security: In terms of career prospects and working conditions, employees should receive equal treatment.
  9. R&O interviews should be done in the presence of an independent HR officer.
  10. Less abuse of positions: Give promotion rights to experienced UDs and UHDs.
Last modified:24 February 2023 2.26 p.m.
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