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  • We advocate for an international university.
    Science and research have been inherently international for centuries, and this is what we want and must prepare our students for in our education. Additionally, internationalization is a prerequisite for attracting a sufficient amount of talent (in the broadest sense) and fosters mutual understanding across borders. Through internationalization, students and staff learn to navigate differences and experience cultural enrichment. Moreover, diversely composed teams have the potential to be more creative and effective.
  • However, the above requires effort and does not happen automatically.
    Therefore, we want successful internationalization to be facilitated as much as possible through courses in language and intercultural competencies, bilingualism in the workplace, and embracing a shared academic culture. We also want more attention to be paid to potential long-term residents: international students who, during their studies, are so well acquainted with language and society that they want to stay in Groningen and the Netherlands after their studies and can immediately start working, for example in sectors with labor shortages. Additionally, international colleagues should feel at home at the UG and in Groningen, making them more inclined to stay longer.
  • Apart from internationalization we also advocate for a strong regional function for the UG.
    Internationalization does not mean that the university is detached from its environment, the city, and the region. On the contrary, we see the UG as a gateway for international talent that enriches the region - as there is also much demand from the region. We see opportunities in exchanging personnel between the UG and regional companies, where staff can have an employment contract with both a company and the UG and can flexibly deploy their skills based on demand.
  • Internationalization should also not come at the expense of educational quality and livability.
    Therefore, we also advocate for a different funding model, without the incentive of student numbers, where international students are not seen as cash cows. We believe that student intake should be regulated sensibly, in line with educational quality and available housing, and with sufficient study opportunities for prospective students who already live in Groningen or the Netherlands and have (partially) attended highschool here.
Last modified:15 April 2024 2.52 p.m.
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