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  • Maximizing Cost-Efficiency through Staff Engagement and Collaboration:
    We advocate for tapping into the expertise of our personnel on the ground to identify areas where financial savings can be realized. To realize this bottom-up approach to decision-making processes, it’s important to make staff aware of the external pressures that need to be addressed internally. This proactive engagement allows us to strategically allocate resources, optimize operational processes, and identify collaborative opportunities with external funding to generate additional revenue streams. Through this approach, we ensure that every budgetary decision is informed by insights from those directly involved in university operations.
  • Strategic Allocation of Resources for Regional and International Initiatives:
    We see the balancing of regional commitments with internationalization efforts as an opportunity to manage the budgetary restraints on our research and education. By integrating international perspectives into our provincial activities, we enhance the attractiveness of our university to global partners and stakeholders, thereby expanding opportunities for external funding and collaborations. Furthermore, we pledge to investigate the option of allowing our researchers to work in the industry when demand for teaching and research is low, so that they can be asked to teach again at our institution when demand is high. This saves on expensive onboarding costs for top talent.
  • Efficiency Optimization across Work Culture, Structure, and Facilities:
    Our third priority centers on optimizing efficiency across work culture, organizational structure, and facilities to achieve significant cost savings. By streamlining decision-making processes., By doing so, we can reduce administrative overheads and operational costs. Additionally, initiatives such as automation of administrative tasks and the rationalization of the usage of office spaces contribute to long-term cost reductions. Through these efficiency measures, we ensure that every budgetary allocation is directed towards activities that directly contribute to the university's core mission of education and research.
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