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UG-spin-off CoRe Pro B.V. develops sustainable solutions to convert renewable materials usefully

12 February 2024

CoRe Pro B.V. has recently signed a license agreement with the University of Groningen, making it an official UG spin-off. The signing marks the start of the commercial development of sustainable solutions for thermochemical conversion of renewable materials.

CoRe Pro B.V. builds on the ideas of Professor Erik Heeres of the Green Chemical Reaction Engineering section of the Engineering and Technology Institute (ENTEG) at the Faculty of Science and Engineering. His research focuses on the development of efficient catalytic technology for circular carbon conversions. CoRe Pro founder Songbo He did his PhD in Erik Heeres’ research group. 

Expertise and exclusive patented technologies

CoRe Pro B.V. specializes in thermochemical conversion – a cutting-edge process that transforms a diverse range of renewable materials into valuable fuels and chemicals. With a portfolio of exclusively patented technologies, the company is at the forefront of the industry’s drive to decouple fuel and chemical production from fossil resources.

CoRe Pro B.V. focuses on unlocking the potential of low-value residual streams, such as biomass, end-of-life materials, and challenging-to-recycle plastics. These materials, which are often overlooked, hold great promise for conversion into essential fuels and chemicals.

Members CoRe Pro B.V.

Bridging the gap: from the early stages to commercialization

Although many early-stage projects have emerged from startups, academic groups, and SMEs, they all often run into the same obstacle: the lack of infrastructural testing units to validate and scale their innovative ideas. CoRe Pro B.V. serves as a crucial link by providing not only the necessary infrastructure but also the expertise in chemocatalytic recycling, more specifically catalytic pyrolysis. 

Dr Songbo He: ‘The signing of the license agreement marks the next phase for CoRe Pro B.V. and our goal to drive sustainable change. By harnessing the power of thermochemical conversion, we empower industries to embrace a greener future.’

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