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The tooth of time

Procedural sedation in nursing homes for frail, elderly patients
PhD ceremony:drs. C.R.M. Barends
When:January 18, 2021
Supervisors:prof. dr. A.R. (Tony) Absalom, prof. dr. A. Visser, prof. dr. M.M.R.F. (Michel) Struys
Where:Academy building RUG
Faculty:Medical Sciences / UMCG

The group of frail elderly people with a major neurcognitive disorder is growing worldwide. Common problems associated with advanced stages of dementia include anxiety and the resulting inability to undergo medical or dental treatment. A possible solution to this problem is to offer anxiolysis or sedation. This should preferably take place in the patient's own, familiar environment. This dissertation contains studies into the possibility of helping elderly, vulnerable patients to undergo treatment in their own environment by providing safe, adequate procedural sedation.