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Prof. dr. H.A.J. (Harro) Meijer

Prof. dr. Harro Meijer
Prof. dr. Harro Meijer

Harro Meijer is Professor of Isotope Physics at the Centre for Isotope Research (CIO) of the University of Groningen. He is also founder and former-director of the Energy and Sustainability Research Institute Groningen (ESRIG), of which the CIO is one of the groups.

Intensive use of hydrogen will lead to higher hydrogen concentrations in the atmosphere-- Harro Meijer

Research interests

  • Atmospheric composition
  • Emission of greenhouse gases in the Netherlands
  • Use of natural isotopes as tracers
  • The source and sink balance for hydrogen in the atmosphere

His research interest has always been the application of natural stable isotopes, and radiocarbon (14C) as natural tracers for a multitude of processes and effects. One of these application fields is the anthropogenic emission of greenhouse gases, in which in addition to isotopes he uses other constituents to analyze and quantify processes and sources and sinks. As in the near future, the use of hydrogen will grow considerably, also the emission of hydrogen, and its sources and sinks, got his attention.

He is a member of the IUPAC Commission on Isotopic Abundances and Atomic Weights (CIAAW), and of the stable isotope expert community of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Meijer co-authored over 170 peer-reviewed papers.

Atmospheric Monitoring station Lutjewad
Atmospheric Monitoring station Lutjewad
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