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Wubbo Ockels School for Energy and Climate Research Hydrogen Knowlegde Centre

Hydrogen Valley Campus Europe

The Future of the Renewable Energy Transition

The Hydrogen Valley Campus Europe (HVCE) is a pioneer in the field of renewable energy transition. Born out of necessity and embraced with enthusiasm by the Northern Netherlands, HVCE is the focal point for new hydrogen-related activities. Through the collaboration of business investments, education, research, and public acceptance, HVCE is more than the sum of its parts - it is the future of the renewable energy transition and will play a prominent role in shaping the developments on hydrogen in the region and globally.

HVCE is a campus for hydrogen and green molecules with global recognition and impact. It unites vocational, applied sciences and theoretical education institutions in Northern Netherland and their physical facilities, creating one unified campus in the Northern Region, shaping the renewable energy landscape.

The ecosystem connects experts from diverse disciplines, technical, societal and economic, fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge and ideas. Moreover, HVCE holds connections to universities within the EU and beyond, augmenting our intellectual capital and global reach, contributing to our ambition to become the training hub of excellence.

Private parties are part of HVCE's and contribute to and benefit from HVCE action.a. Companies and startups have access to cutting-edge training and test facilities. By giving access to the wider campus the innovation cycle will be accelerated and drive the practical application of hydrogen technologies. At the same time it will positively impact human capital development. The same facilities are also used as training grounds, equipping new and existing personnel with hands-on expertise. Finally, such facilities can be put at the service of private parties to make informed decisions about equipment and materials for growing their business.

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Unique characteristics of HVCE
HVCE logo
HVCE logo

The development in the field of hydrogen is unique as a complete new value chain has to be developed to ensure production, distribution, storage and utilization of hydrogen.

Central to HVCE is a dynamic network of educational and expertise centers strategically distributed across the Northern Netherlands, ranging from vocational education and research up to post academic education. This unique cooperation will contribute to the increase in knowledge capital and human capital development, educating new talent and facilitating career transition from the gas sector to hydrogen, to rapidly acquire new skills.

Another unique factor is the interdisciplinary approach, the development of the hydrogen value chain is more than a technical challenge. Expertise and knowledge from multiple disciplines, such as law, psychology, economy and business and spatial sciences, are all relevant to provide insights and train the indirect working force necessary to manage the transition to an hydrogen-based economy.

Testing and training facilities

To accelerate innovation, we embrace the campus facilities that allow scholars, companies and start ups alike to get hands-on experiments. The set up includes state of the art equipment at all educational institutions and will be continuously enriched with new equipment. At these facilities theoretical insights from our internationally recognized academic society can evolve into tangible solutions that will accelerate the development of the hydrogen economy in the North of the Netherlands and beyond. A controlled environment facilitates exploration of the complete value chain empowering learners and practitioners alike.

HVCE’s impact

HVCE has developed a unique, integrated approach to support all stakeholders in the energy transition, by giving comprehensive support and facilities on all fronts in the field of hydrogen through human capital, research capital and business capital. Especially, the cooperation between education, research, entrepreneurship, innovation and impact are creating a dynamic and stimulating ecosystem.

Budget for development

The financial strategy to develop the HVCE, with a goal of attracting over 150 million euros investments by 2028, focuses on attracting funding from a wide range of funding sources, including European, national and regional subsidies, investments, and collaborations, and significant contributions from companies that are investing in the hydrogen economy.

What can HVCE mean for the business community?

HVCE offers ready to use knowledge and a platform to create new cutting edge knowledge about the practical and fundamental aspects for transition to an hydrogen-based economy. The HVCE lays a foundation for regional education, fuels innovation, and establishes the base for new business activities and startups in the Hydrogen Valley of the Northern Netherland, and beyond.

HVCE offers a wide range of thorough training and skill-building programs, driving the growth of talent in the hydrogen and green molecule sector. Its cutting-edge facilities offer a safe space for companies and startups in the hydrogen industry to improve and create new technologies.

By engaging with HVCE, your company gains access to an extensive network of hydrogen and green molecule experts, immersing itself in a dynamic ecosystem of innovation and business opportunities. Seize this unparalleled chance to harness breakthroughs, connect with like-minded pioneers, and contribute actively to the green revolution, thereby shaping the future of sustainable energy collaboratively.


Please contact Hielke Hekman via h.hekman or Patricia Poppendick via p.poppendick for more information.

Partners of the HVCE

HVCE partners
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