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In the media 2023

In the Media

An overview of media appearances of academics and subjcts connected to the themes of the Wubbo Ockels School.

  • Duurzaam Ondernemen, 21 December 2023
    Greenwise Campus opent eerste fase van het innovatiecentrum

    The opening of the first phase of the Greenwise Campus innovation centre in Emmen took place on 18 December 2023. Greenwise Campus stands for greening and streamlining the region and is an initiative of NHL Stenden, Drenthe College, University of Groningen, province of Drenthe and municipality of Emmen.

  • Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, December 2023
    Simulating the Role of Norms in Processes of Social Innovation: Three Case Studies
    Norms and values are critical drivers in social innovation processes, such as community projects on sustainable energy. Simulating such processes could help uncover conditions that support these social innovations. Capturing the rich literature on drivers of social innovation in more simple computational rules is a challenge however. In this paper, we present three empirically grounded case simulations addressing social innovations where norms and values play a role.

  • European Energy Research Alliance, December 2023
    EERA vision paper: Towards a more collaborative energy system modelling
    This paper was written by the EERA Center of Excellence on Energy Transition Models, an organisation of research teams across Europe which not only develop energy system models, but also perform studies for industries, utilities and policymakers. The paper addresses how energy system models can play a larger role in the energy transition, de-risking investments for industries and utilities and supporting European and national policymakers.

  • Duurzaam Ondernemen, 4 December 2023
    Bert Scholtens (RUG): "Afschaffen fossiele subsidies biedt kansen'
    Because of Extinction Rebellion's protests, everyone knows they exist: fossil subsidies. And, because of those same protests, serious consideration is now being given to abolishing them. This is a good thing, says Bert Scholtens, professor of Sustainable Banking and Finance at the University of Groningen, because the schemes have overshot their mark, are downright unfair and the creation and implementation of the policy is also devoid of any transparency.

  • HyDelta, 1 December 2023
    HyDelta 3.0 continues hydrogen research

    November saw the launch of the third edition of the Dutch public-private research programme HyDelta. The research addresses the economic and technical incorporation of hydrogen gas into the national natural gas transportation and distribution system. HyDelta 3 has a duration of one year. The results of the HyDelta programme are publicly and freely available and are attracting worldwide interest.

  • RTV-Monitor feed, 21 November 2023
    NPO Politiek

    'There is actually something very interesting going on in China right now. You see a lot of coal-fired power plants being added there.' We spoke to Machiel Mulders, energy economist at the University of Groningen, about this.

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