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Wubbo Ockels School for Energy and Climate Calendar

WOS event: Empowering Nature in the Global Energy Transition

When:Th 28-03-2024 13:00 - 18:00
Where:DOT, Vrydemalaan 2, Groningen

“We are all astronauts of spaceship Earth” by Wubbo Ockels

DOT Groningen

Wubbo Ockels, renowned astronaut and sustainability pioneer, dedicated his life to developing innovative solutions for a sustainable planet. His space travels heightened his awareness of Earth's vulnerability, compelling him to advocate for urgent investments in sustainability. Ockels aimed to spread this message globally to prevent further harm to the planet.

Today, a pressing question remains: Can we transition from fossil-based energy systems to renewable energy in a manner that not only avoids harming nature but actively empowers it?

Keynote speakers Milan Meyberg and Jessica den Outer both address the Right of Nature in their work. They are passionate about mobilising others to connect with and protect the environment. Meyberg created a GAIA botnet representing natural entities (rivers, oceans, forests) that communicates with humans and participates in decision-making processes. Meanwhile, den Outer advocates for legally recognizing the Rights of Nature.

At the annual Wubbo Ockels School for Energy and Climate event, we will explore the Right of Nature in the context of the School's three themes: hydrogen/green molecules, participation in energy transition and climate adaptation. Breakout sessions will delve into discussions on empowering nature. Additionally, a new topic will be introduced in 2024, focusing on the twin transition in collaboration with the Jantina Tammes School of Digital Society, Technology, and AI.


Planetarium show in the dome
Right of Nature - Jessica den Outer
Dialogue with nature with GAIA botnet - Milan Meyberg
Retrospect on first year of Wubbo Ockels School by Lorenzo Squintani
Interactive breakout sessions on the topics and activities of the School
Closure by Green mayor Peter Bootsma


Milan Meyberg
Milan Meyberg is a Sustainability Strategist, Keynote Speaker and award winning Concept Developer. He was one of the first pioneers in the Netherlands to use festivals as living labs, and direct the industry's vast creativity to solve environmental problems. In 2023, Milan began work on another world’s first: the ‘Emissary of GAIA’ initiative. With the GAIA botnet, Milan is paving the way for a global network of Environmental Artificial Intelligence (ENVAI) to represent ecosystems, to speak with humans, and to take part in the decision making processes of NGOs, businesses and governments.

Jessica den Outer
Jessica den Outer dedicates her career to ensuring a green future for future generations. She specialises in the Rights of Nature, in which her love for nature and interest in law come together. She is advocating for the recognition of the Rights of Nature in law through multiple disciplines: writing, speaking, education and through political and local campaigns. In 2019 she was recognised as one of the youngest Earth-centred law experts within the United Nations Harmony with Nature network. In the spring of 2023, her book 'Rechten voor de Natuur' was published. She is currently setting up the Foundation Rights of Nature, to support the citizens' movement in the Netherlands.


WOS event: Empowering Nature in the Global Energy Transition
Photo: Judith Jockels
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