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Web Class

Are you keen to experience the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme? Could you dedicate up to 5 hours per week over 4 weeks?

You might want to consider taking part in the University College Groningen Web Class. You'll learn to combine and integrate knowledge from different disciplines and methodologies and you'll also be trained to use your creativity and discover different ways of thinking. Together, these skills and insights will prepare you to find innovative solutions for the challenges of our time.

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Meet Carolien

Dear prospective students/parents, My name is Carolien and I will be involved in the UCG webclass! Three years ago I moved to Groningen to study here, because I really loved this city (and I still do!).

When I heard about University College Groningen I was so happy because I never knew what study I should choose. By choosing University College Groningen I did not have to limit myself to one discipline, but I was able to study different disciplines at the same time. Currently I am a third year student, so I am in my last year of my Bachelor’s and hopefully I will graduate this summer!

Meet Anne

My name is Anne de Vries and, together with Carolien, I am teaching the web class UCG provides for high school students. I am now a second-year student at UCG.

I knew this was the right program for me, because I was very broadly interested and could not see myself spending three years on the same topic and being focused on this one perspective. At UCG I can take courses in various disciplines, such as history, literature and politics, while working together with fellow students who take courses in different disciplines. UCG aims to make their students look at different global problems and phenomena with different perspectives and learning from and teaching fellow students on the way.

This is what the web class is also about: students will look at a main topic from multiple different disciplines. On top of that, working together is also part of the web class. I think if you'd like to know more about UCG, visiting the open day is of course wise, and being a Student for a Day is recommended, but following the web class might even give you a better insight as to what studying Liberal Arts and Sciences at UCG is about.

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