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Web Class

Are you keen to experience the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme? Could you dedicate up to 5 hours per week over 4 weeks?

You might want to consider taking part in the University College Groningen Web Class. You'll learn to combine and integrate knowledge from different disciplines and methodologies and you'll also be trained to use your creativity and discover different ways of thinking. Together, these skills and insights will prepare you to find innovative solutions for the challenges of our time.

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Meet Tamara

My name is Tamara and I’m a third-year student at UCG following the humanities major.

I will be involved in the UCG web class and I hope this will give you a picture of education at UCG. I remember having trouble with my choice of study in high school, as I was interested in multiple different fields and did not see myself just yet specializing in only one. I am very happy I chose UCG because I found out what I am interested in most by doing all kinds of courses and projects. Another part I like from UCG is its many international students. We have people from all around the world and because of the focus on community, you get to know all of them pretty well. This also makes for a change of perspective – not focusing on your own country as much, but on the entire world.

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