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After UCG

After three years at UCG and 180 ECTS you’ll qualify, depending on your choice of major, for an internationally recognized Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Sciences degree. After finishing your Bachelor’s degree you can leave the university and enter the job market or, like most of our students, apply for a master’s degree programme in the Netherlands or abroad. The self-designed curriculum and your major of choice determines which master’s programmes you qualify for. Your tutor will help you compose a curriculum that matches your desired master’s programme.

At UCG you will gain valuable experiences working on interdisciplinary problems and develop strong competencies in addressing complex societal issues in the fields such as Healthy Ageing, Energy, and Sustainable Society. The strong and growing interest in excellent Liberal Arts and Sciences graduates means that you will not only have a wide variety of Master programmes to choose from but makes you an excellent and highly sought-after employee for countless of employers around the globe.

Master's Possibilities

With careful planning, you can take the courses required to be admitted to most master's programmes. However, some more vocational programmes, such as Dutch Law and Clinical Psychology, are likely to have additional requirements.  

Here is a sampling of the Master's programmes at various universities which our alumni have enrolled in:

  • Political Science
  • Cancer and Stem Cell Biology
  • Writing, Editing and Mediating
  • Population Studies
  • Health and Sciences with a Specialisation in Infectious Diseases and Public Health

Career Possibilities

Since UCG allows you to design your own curriculum to suit your individual interests, talents, and ambitions, your future career possibilities are nothing short of limitless.

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