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Guidance team (fltr): Gina, Eva, Sonia, Diana, Jaclyn
Guidance team (fltr): Gina, Eva, Sonia, Diana, Jaclyn

The UCG integrated approach to guidance means that students can expect individual attention and also a wide range of workshops that take them from introduction week through preparation for internships, study abroad and career placement.

We encourage our students to take ownership of their education. They can build their programme in line with their own interests and ambitions in order to become independent and self-determined young professionals. To support our students, UCG provides a dedicated guidance team consisting of Academic Advisors. Students are also paired with a Student Mentor, who will help with a students transition to UCG. This personalised guidance system helps students to reflect on their study plans and course choices, offers advice in personal and academic matters, and encourages inspiration and curiosity.

Concretely this means that your Advisor helps you plan your curriculum so that you develop and pursue your intellectual interests while meeting degree requirements. Your Advisor helps you keep track of your progress and signals (potential) problems. Advisors are involved in the process whereby students select courses, compose majors and minors, and plan their future studies and careers.

Personal Support

The UCG Guidance Team is available for specialised assistance for a wide range of issues that can affect students’ study progress.

Some examples of things we can help you with are exam provisions, studying with a disability, time management, burn-out prevention or financial support. In addition to this we offer helpful workshops on well-being and study skills that are valuable for every student.

Academic Advice

All students are assigned an Academic Advisor. The top priority of the Academic Advisor is to support a students' decision-making processes and to construct their curricula in line with their interests and future academic goals.

Students receive counsel about determining priorities, keeping performances in line with their goals and about academic options, also outside of the UCG curriculum.

Career Guidance

The main objective of the UCG Career team is to help students envision their future and to help students become employability ready at the end of our bachelor degree. We support this goal by organising networking events, offering career advice sessions and by hosting various workshops and trainings.

Your minor space

Students can be very flexible in their minor space. UCG has specific coordinators in the guidance team to help students navigate these popular routes! Below are some examples of what senior students chose to pursue in their minor space.

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