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Academic Guidance

Dr. Ferdinand Lewis talking to one of his tutees
Dr. Ferdinand Lewis talking to one of his tutees

We encourage our students to take ownership of their education. They can build their programme in line with their own interests and ambitions in order to become independent and self-determined young professionals. To support our students, UCG provides a dedicated guidance team. Students are also paired with an academic during all stages of their study. This personalized tutoring helps students to reflect on their study plans and course choices, offers advice in academic matters, and encourages inspiration and curiosity.

Concretely this means that your tutor helps you plan your curriculum so that you develop and pursue your intellectual interests while meeting degree requirements. Your tutor helps you keep track of your progress and signals (potential) problems. Tutors are involved in the process whereby students select courses, compose majors and minors, and plan their future studies and careers. Together with their tutor, students reflect on their performance and on difficulties they may face in their academic work. All tutors also teach (one or more courses) at UCG.

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