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Advances in research on survey interview interaction

Artificial Intelligence in Screening Mammography: A population survey of women's preferences

Do People Favor Artificial Intelligence Over Physicians? A Survey Among the General Population and Their View on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Just You Wait… and Fill Out This Survey: Methodological Aspects of Waiting Room Surveys

Shaking hands in a busy waiting room: The effects of the surveyor’s introduction and people present in the waiting room on the response rate

The new integrated nuclear medicine and radiology residency program in the Netherlands: Why do residents choose to subspecialize in nuclear medicine and why not?

Differences in Interaction Quantity and Conversational Flow in CAPI and CATI Interviews

Patients’ views on the implementation of artificial intelligence in radiology: Development and validation of a standardized questionnaire

A Qualitative Study to Understand Patient Perspective on the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Radiology

Afname van ESS-vragen per telefoon of persoonlijke interviews: Verschillen in interviewer-respondent interacties

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