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University Medical Center Groningen

prof. dr. R.A. Schoevers

Professor of Psychiatry and Head of Department Psychiatry UMCG
prof. dr. R.A. Schoevers

PHD projects, version 12-12-2018


  1. Stefan Knapen “Rhytm & Blues” 2019 RUG, 1st promotor.
  2. Petra Havinga; "Psychopathology in offspring of patients with mood & anxiety disorders" 2019 RUG, 1st promotor.
  3. Dennis Raven; "Trails of mental health problems in youth" 2019 RUG, 2nd promotor.
In progress:
  1. Date van der Veen “anxious depression” 2019 RUG, 2nd promotor.
  2. Ans Hovenkamp-Hermelink “Course of anxiety disorders” 2019 RUG, 1st promotor.
  3. Hanneke Geugies “Neuroimaging studies in TRD” 2019 RUG.
  4. Iris Jonker “Mood disorders and Inflammation” 2019 RUG, 1st promotor.
  5. Huifang Yin “Epidemiology of mental disorders in TianJin” 2019, RUG, 1st promotor. 
  6. Chengao Yang "N-acetylcysteine (NAC) as add-on to antidepressant medication in therapy refractory major depressive disorder patients with increased inflammatory activity", 2019, RUG, 1st promotor.
  7. Anne van Gils “Psychophysiological parameters in mood and somatoform disorders” 2019 RUG, 2nd promotor.
  8. Ella Bekhuis “Depression, anxiety, and somatic symptoms” 2019 RUG, 2nd promotor.
  9. Sanne Apeldoorn “Oral ketamine for Treatment Resistant Depression” 2020 RUG, 1st promotor.
  10. Jolien Veraart; “ketamine for depression; mechanisms”, 2020, RUG, 1st promotor.
  11. Madelien van de Beek “Risk factors for psychopathology in migrants” 2020 RUG, 1st promotor.
  12. Ernst Horwitz “Prevalence and clinical correlates of Autism Spectrum Disorders in adults” 2020 RUG.
  13. Kaying Kan “IMPROVE study Routine data for Optimal Value and Effectiveness” 2020 RUG, 1st promotor.
  14. Anouk de Wit “Exploring the role of sex steroids in depression” 2020 RUG, 1st promotor.
  15. Steef Konings "Understanding heterogeneity in lifetime costs of SSD for better, tailored and efficient care: An econometric perspective", 2020, RUG, 1st promotor.
  16. Lian Beijers "The biological heterogeneity of depression: toward a more systematic approach." 2021, RUG, 1st promotor.
  17. Stella Druiven “chronobiology of mood disorders” 2021 RUG, 1st promotor.
  18. Lino von Klipstein “Person oriented self-management in depression” 2022 RUG, 1st promotor.
  19. Astrid Lugtenburg; “depression and cognitive decline” 2023, RUG, 2nd promotor
  20. Annemiek Kamstra: "Is residential dialectical behaviour therapy and prolonged exposure (DBT-PE) (cost)effective for patients with severe PTSD and co-morbid (personality)disorders?", 2025, RUG, 1st promotor


  1. Simone Kool “Comorbidity of Major Depression and Personality Disorders” 2005 UVA Amsterdam, copromotor.        
  2. Saskia de Maat “On the effectiveness of psychoanalytic psychotherapy” 2007 VU Amsterdam, copromotor.  
  3. Henricus Van “Exploring predictive factors in the treatment of major depression” 2008 VU Amsterdam, copromotor.
  4. Jaap Peen “Mental health and urbanization: An investigation of urban-rural and innner-city differences in psychiatric morbidity” 2009 VU Amsterdam, copromotor.
  5. Marrit de Boer “Antipsychotic treatment and sexual functioning: From mechanisms to clinical practice” 2014 RUG, 1st promotor.
  6. Nadine Troquete “START-ing Risk Assessment and Shared Care Planning in Out-patient Forensic Psychiatry.: Results from a cluster randomized controlled trial” 2014 RUG, 2nd promotor .
  7. Radboud Marijnissen "The weight of subclinical vascular disease & neuroticism in late-life depression, RUG, 2nd promotor.
  8. Hanna van Loo; “Data-driven subtypes of major depressive disorder”, 2015 RUG, 1st promotor. Cum Laude.
  9. Koen Hogenelst “Serotonin manipulations and social behavior” 2016, RUG, 2nd promotor.
  10. Erin van Buel “Towards a neurobiological view of depression” 2017 RUG, 2nd promotor.
  11. Tjalling Holwerda “Loneliness, depression and mortality” 2017 VU Amsterdam, 1st promotor.
  12. Claudia van Borkulo " Symptom network models in depression research" 2018, RUG. Cum Laude.
  13. Marije Swets “Obsessive compulsive symptoms in psychotic disorders” 2018 UVA Amsterdam, 2nd promotor.
  14. Mia Scheffers; “Body image, psychopathology and psychomotor therapy” 2018 RUG, 1st promotor.
  15. Karlijn Becking “MDD, Bipolar depression and inflammatory dysregulation” 2018 RUG, 1st promotor.
  16. 16. Katelijne van Emmerik – van Oortmerssen “ADHD and Substance Use Disorder” 2018, 1st promotor.
  17. Sjoerd van Belkum; “Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields for Treatment Resistant Depression” 2018 RUG, 1st promotor.
  18. Anne Looijmans; “Lifestyle interventions in psychiatry” 2018 RUG, 1st promotor.
  19. Mirjam Simoons ”Monitoring Outcomes of Psychiatric Pharmacotherapy (MOPHAR)” 2018 RUG, 2nd promotor.




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