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Adaptive and maladaptive emotion regulation skills are associated with food intake following a hunger-induced increase in negative emotions

Associations between alcohol consumption and empathy in a non-clinical sample: drinking motives as a moderator

Attentional Biases and Their Association with Substance-Use-Related Problems and Addictive Behaviors: The Utility of a Gamified Value-Modulated Attentional Capture Task

Cost-effectiveness of a mindful yoga intervention added to treatment as usual for young women with major depressive disorder versus treatment as usual only: Cost-effectiveness of yoga for young women with depression

Effectiveness of exposure-based treatment for childhood anxiety disorders: An open clinical trial to test its relation with indices of emotional processing and inhibitory learning

Executive Functioning, Internalizing and Externalizing Symptoms–Understanding Developmental Dynamics Through Panel Network Approaches

Interventions Targeting Negative Mental Imagery in Social Anxiety: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Characteristics and Outcomes

Life meaning and feelings of ineffectiveness as transdiagnostic factors in eating disorder and comorbid internalizing symptomatology – A combined undirected and causal network approach

Potential leads and insights for the management of sexual problems from a disgust perspective

Repeated exposure to body-related memories in women with high body-related self-disgust: Impact on disgust, avoidance, and acceptance

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Sexual arousal might not reduce pain in women, new study suggests

Bloos jij ook weleens? Experts leggen uit waar die rode kleur vandaan komt

Waarom weerzin voor een warme stoel?

Why do I blush?

Waarom zijn mensen bang voor ongevaarlijke kleine dieren zoals spinnen?

Waarom moet ik kokhalzen van babypoep en mijn vrouw niet?

onderzoek naar self-disgust en eetstoornissen

Het experiment

Hoofd als een boei

Vroege vogels in 30 minuten - Stekers en bijters

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