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A Promising Candidate to Reliably Index Attentional Bias Toward Alcohol Cues-An Adapted Odd-One-Out Visual Search Task

Anger Responses in Adolescents: Relationship with Punishment and Reward Sensitivity

Attentional Bias in Alcohol and Cannabis Use Disorder Outpatients as Indexed by an Odd-One-Out Visual Search Task: Evidence for Speeded Detection of Substance Cues but Not for Heightened Distraction

Effectiveness of attentional bias modification training as add-on to regular treatment in alcohol and cannabis use disorder: A multicenter randomized control trial

Individual differences in avoiding feelings of disgust: Development and construct validity of the disgust avoidance questionnaire

Inter-identity amnesia for neutral episodic self-referential and autobiographical memory in Dissociative Identity Disorder: An assessment of recall and recognition

Low Satisfaction with Normative Life Domains in Adolescents with Anorexia Nervosa

The Causal Influence of Life Meaning on Weight and Shape Concerns in Women at Risk for Developing an Eating Disorder

The revolting body: Self-disgust as a key factor in anorexia nervosa

Treating Speech Anxiety in Youth: A Randomized Controlled Microtrial Testing the Efficacy of Exposure Only versus Exposure Combined with Anxiety Management Strategies

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Waarom weerzin voor een warme stoel?

Why do I blush?

Waarom zijn mensen bang voor ongevaarlijke kleine dieren zoals spinnen?

Waarom moet ik kokhalzen van babypoep en mijn vrouw niet?

onderzoek naar self-disgust en eetstoornissen

Het experiment

Hoofd als een boei

Vroege vogels in 30 minuten - Stekers en bijters

Bang voor beestjes (podcast special)

Stekers en bijters - Bang voor beestjes? Dit is waarom!

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