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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. P.J. (Peter) de Jong

prof. dr. P.J. (Peter) de Jong

Professor of Experimental Psychopathology

  • Blinded by body concerns- Overshadowed life goals in Anorexia Nervosa (Sanne van Doornik, Klaske Glashouwer, Brian Ostafin -Accare/PPO)
  • The unconscious road to alleviating body image concerns; A novel evaluative conditioning approach using continuous flash suppression (Irina Masselman, Klaske Glashouwer- NWO)
  • Despicable me: Self-disgust as a novel approach to explain persistent body image concerns and dysfunctional eating (Paula von Spreckelsen, Ineke Wessel, Klaske Glashouwer)
  • May food have your attention please: Do specifically obese individuals show an attention bias for food even when they are satiated (Nienke Jonker, Caroline Braet, Ernst Koster, Anne Roefs-NWO)
  • Attentional processes in the persistence of substance misuse (Janika Heitmann - VNN/ZonMw)
  • Role of cognitive control in symptom networks of substance misuse and comorbid mental disorders (Tom Ruiter, Reinout Wiers, Ingmar Franken Janna Cousijn- NWO)
  • Disgust, sex, and sexual dysfunctions (Charmaine Borg, Stephanie Both)
  • Onset, recurrence, and co-occurrence of depression and anxiety: Differential role of implicit and explicit self-esteem (Lonneke van Tuijl -NESDA)
  • Attentional bias in depression and anxiety (Hermien Elgersma, Ernst Koster-NESDA)
  • Yoga-based CBT in young women with MDD (Nina Volbehr, Brian Ostafin -ZonMw/Lentis)
  • Child temperament and parental responding in the striking comorbidity of internalising and externalizing symptoms (Leonie Kreuze, Maaike Nauta, a.o. -TRAILS)
  • Images of future social rejection; Flash forward imagery in the maintenance of youth with social anxiety disorder (Marjolien Thunnissen, Maaike Nauta, a.o.)
  • Optimizing exposure-based treatment of anxiety disorders in youth (Rachel de Jong, Maaike Nauta, Miriam Lommen- ZonMw)
  • Accepting the unknown; Uncertainty-related processes as mediating the effects of mindfulness on anxiety (Inka Papenfuss, Brian Ostafin)
  • When silence isn't golden; Interersonal behavior in victims of bullying (Minita Franzen, Marije aan het Rot, Rene Veenstra)
  • How trauma is carried across generations: Transgenerational trauma in offspring of Second World War survivors (Patricia Dashorst, Rafaele Huntjens a.o. - Arq)
  • Factors involved in revictimisation (Fatemeh Fereidooni, Judith Daniels)
  • Investigating the neurobiological model of dissociation and its predictive power for trauma focussed therapy (Yoki Mertens, Judith Daniels)
  • Relationship between memory functioning and dissociation (Rosemary Marsh, Rafaele Huntjens, Martin Dorahy)
  • Clinical relevance of early identification and treatment of sleep disorders in mental health care (Teus Mijnster, Manon Schallig, Marike Lancel, Gretha Boersma a.o.- ZonMw)
  • What I belief is true; Belief biased reasoning in the persistence and recurrence of mental disorders.
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