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How to find us dr. P.F.M. (Paul) Krabbe

Research interests

Electronic patient-reported outcome measures (ePROMs). Together with Nestlé (Switzerland) the first (preference-based IRT) Infant instrument has been developed. Several other instruments are developed too (Chronic Pain, CS-Base generic, Dementia, Transplant).

Health outcome measurement. I have invented various new methods to improve the measurement of patients' outcomes (HealthFan, HealthSnApp, MAPR model, Chateau Sante cloud platform, design routines).


A generalized measurement model to quantify health: The multi-attribute preference response model

Probabilistic choice models in health-state valuation research: background, theories, assumptions and applications

Multinational evidence of the applicability and robustness of discrete choice modeling for deriving EQ-5D-5L health-state values

Patient-Centered Item Selection for a New Preference-Based Generic Health Status Instrument: CS-Base

Valuing Health Status in the First Year of Life: The Infant Health-Related Quality of Life Instrument

A two-step procedure to generate utilities for the Infant health-related Quality of life Instrument (IQI)

An overview of the time trade-off method: concept, foundation, and the evaluation of distorting factors in putting a value on health

Assessing the Preferences for Criteria in Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in Treatments for Rare Diseases

Comparing the EQ-5D-3 L and EQ-5D-5 L: studying measurement and scores in Indonesian type 2 diabetes mellitus patients

'Diabetes is a gift from god' a qualitative study coping with diabetes distress by Indonesian outpatients

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The Value of PROMs

The Route to Innovation: Are babies happy?