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dr. M.W.G. van Dijk

Universitair Hoofddocent

I studied developmental psychology at the University of Tilburg. In 2004, I defended my PhD thesis at the University of Groningen, on variability and ambiguity in early language acquisition. After working as assistant professor at the Faculty of Psychology of the Open University of the Netherlands for several years, I returned to the University of Groningen in 2008 to works as tenure track assistant professor in Developmental Psychology. In 2013, I was promoted associate professor. I teach/coordinate courses on skill acquisition (specifically diagnostic and observational skills) and methodological topics related to process research.

My research concerns the development of young children in interaction with their caregivers and/or teachers. The focus is on early interaction and development (language, feeding, reasoning) and the dynamics of learning in primary education. Most studies deal with change processes and the observation of interaction behaviors in naturalistic circumstances. My research is related to teaching in the bachelor program of Psychology and master programmes of Developmental Psychology and Talent Development and Creativity.


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