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How to find us prof. dr. M. (Mladen) Popovic

prof. dr. M. Popovic

Dean of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

Born in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands (1977), Mladen Popović was educated at the University of Groningen where he did his Master's and Doctorate studies. He carried out archaeological fieldwork at Megiddo and Jerusalem, and during his PhD studies he studied at the KU Leuven and at Yale University.

After post-doctoral fellowships in Leuven and Groningen, Popović was appointed in 2010 in a tenure track for the chair of Old Testament and Early Judaism, with special attention for Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Since 2015 Popović is appointed as Full Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Judaism. He is also Director of the Qumran Institute.

In 2008 he was awarded with the Keetje Hodshon Prize 2008 by the Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen.

In October 2009 he received a VENI research grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) for his project ‘The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jewish War against Rome (66–70): New Sources, New Perspectives’.

In December 2014 Popović received an ERC Starting Grant for his project 'The Hands that Wrote the Bible: Digital Palaeography and Scribal Culture of the Dead Sea Scrolls'.

In February 2016 Popović received together with Eibert Tigchelaar (KU Leuven) a NWO-FWO grant for their project 'Models of Textual Communities and Digital Palaeography of the Dead Sea Scrolls'.

Since 2008 Popović worked on the realisation of a major Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition together with the Drents Museum and the Israel Antiquities Authority. The exhibition ran in the Drents Museum, Assen, July, 9, 2013–January, 5, 2014.

Since 2015 he is a member of Teylers Godgeleerd Genootschap (Teyler's Theological Society) of Teyler's Museum, Haarlem. Since 2016 Popović is a member of the Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen, Haarlem.

The University Board has appointed Popović as Dean of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies for a period of four years as of 1 September 2017.

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