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Assessment of Motor Activities of Daily Living: Spanish Cross-Cultural Adaptation, Reliability and Construct Validity of the DCDDaily-Q

Identifying Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder via Parental Questionnaires. Spanish Reference Norms for the DCDDaily-Q-ES and Correlation with the DCDQ-ES

Interrelation of Individual, Country and Activity Constraints in Motor Activities of Daily Living among Typically Developing Children: A Cross-sectional Comparison of Spanish and Dutch Populations

Risk factors in early life for developmental coordination disorder: a scoping review

The nature of coordination and control problems in children with developmental coordination disorder during ball catching: A systematic review

Age-related validity and reliability of the Dutch Little Developmental Coordination Disorder Questionnaire (LDCDQ-NL)

Exergame training in Early Onset Ataxia patients

Characteristics of physical activity interventions and effects on cardiorespiratory fitness in children aged 6-12 years-A systematic review

Development of reaching during mid-childhood from a Developmental Systems perspective

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"Als spelenderwijs extra oefenen onvoldoende helpt....

- Wat is de ideale leeftijd om te zwemmen?