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How to find us dr. M.M. (Marina) Schoemaker
University Medical Center Groningen

dr. M.M. Schoemaker

Universitair Hoofd Docent

Supervision of current PhD projects:

D.F.A.A. Derikx. Influence of social and environmental constraints on motor and EF development. 2019-2022.

J. Schoenmaker. Implicit and explicit learning in patients with motor disorders. 2020-2023.

J. van Hoorn. Developmental Coordination Disorder: risk factors, comorbidity and neurology. 2017-2021.

Supervision of finished PhD projects:

P. Braaksma. Moving matters for children with developmental coordination disorder (2020).

L. Golenia. A new perspective on the development of motor variability during middle childhood (2018).

B.W.M. van der Linde: Development of the DCDDaily: an instrument to measure ADL for children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (funded by Fonds Nuts-Ohra/ Stichting Beatrixoord). (2014)

A.S. Niemeijer: Neuromotor task training (funded by College voor Zorgverzekeringen) (2007).

H.A. Reinders-Messelink: Motor performance of children treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. (funded by Stichting Kinderoncologie Groningen)(2000).





Current projects:


Cross-cultural comparison of the Little DCD-Q.

Collaborators: Rihtman, T., Parush, S. (University of Tel-Aviv, Israel) & Wilson, B.N (Calgary Health Centre, Canada), M.H. Cantell (University of Groningen, The Netherlands).

Aim of the study: To investigate the reliability and validity of the Little Developmental Coordination Disorder Questionnaire as a screening tool for the early identification of motor delay in children between ages 3-4.11.


Variability of upper extremity motor task performance in typically developing children and children with DCD.

Collaborators: R. Bongers; N. Mouton

Aim of the study: The aims of the study are twofold: 1. To examine changes in functional and non-functional variability in motor performance during development in typically developing children of 6-10 years of age. 2. To examine differences in functional and non-functional variability in motor performance between typically developing children and children with Developmental Coordination Disorder.






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Human Movement Sciences

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