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M. (Marvin) Hanisch, PhD

Associate Professor
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+31 50 36 32608 (Direct line)
Alexandra Meijer:
+31 50 36 32025 (Secretary's office)

Research focus on governance in the digital age

Marvin Hanisch is an Associate Professor in the Innovation management & Strategy Department at the University of Groningen. He studies how individuals and organizations collaborate in knowledge-intensive areas with a focus on the underlying governance mechanisms. His research is motivated by a pervasive managerial question: how can individuals and organizations cooperate effectively and leverage digital technologies as they are increasingly required to work across geographic, professional, and industry boundaries to take advantage of dispersed knowledge and resources? To answer this question, Marvin Hanisch applies quantitative and qualitative methods to contexts such as strategic alliances in the biopharmaceutical industry, industry-spanning blockchain networks, digital platforms, and open-source software and social media communities. His contributions have been published in research-oriented management journals such as Organization Science, Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Business Research, and R&D Management. Additionally, he has shared his insights in practice-oriented outlets such as California Management Review and LSE Business Review, and he works closely with and advises regional firms as well as international corporations.

International visibility and network

Marvin Hanisch is an accomplished early career academic with extensive international experience. His work has been recognized with multiple awards, most recently the JTS Early Career Researcher Prize and the Distinguished Paper Award from the Strategic Management Division of the Academy of Management, both presented in 2023. In addition, he has held visiting research and teaching positions at renowned institutions such as Freie Universität Berlin, HKU Business School, Maynooth University, Purdue University, and the University of Colorado at Boulder. Prior to joining the University of Groningen, Marvin Hanisch worked as a research associate at the University of Passau, where he still maintains an affiliation.

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