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Airway epithelial cell response to RSV is mostly impaired in goblet and multiciliated cells in asthma

Alternative Splicing Is a Major Factor Shaping Transcriptome Diversity in Mild and Severe COPD

Early expansion of allergen-responsive LAP+ B regulatory cells in allergic rhinitis but not in allergic asthma subjects during allergen immunotherapy

FixNCut: single-cell genomics through reversible tissue fixation and dissociation

IL-33 induced gene expression in activated Th2 effector cells is dependent on IL-1RL1 haplotype and asthma status

Inhalable Textile Microplastic Fibers Impair Airway Epithelial Differentiation

Lack of a transcriptional response of primary bronchial epithelial cells from asthma patients and controls to IL-33

Nasal epithelial gene expression identifies relevant asthma endotypes in the ATLANTIS study

Novel high-yield potato protease inhibitor panels block a wide array of proteases involved in viral infection and crucial tissue damage

Sex differences in asthma control, lung function and exacerbations: the ATLANTIS study

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Human Lung Cell Atlas reveals Cell Type Diversity

Technical University Of Munich Develops Integrated Single-Cell Atlas of the Human Lung

Human Lung Cell Atlas published – and offers unparalleled cellular insight into organ

Single-cell atlas of the whole human lung

HLCA: Erster ganzheitlicher Einzelzell-Atlas der menschlichen Lunge erstellt

UMCG-onderzoekers brengen longen voor het eerst in kaart

Onderzoekers brengen de zieke en gezonde menselijke long voor het eerst volledig in kaart

Human Lung Cell Atlas: Understanding and Treating Lung Diseases with Revolutionary Map

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