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University Medical Center Groningen

dr. ir. M.C. (Martijn) Nawijn

Associate Professor
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Unrestricted research grant from charities, government or industry:

discovAIR – towards the Human Lung Cell Atlas - Research and Innovation Action 874656 of the Horizon2020 framework program of the European Commission (coordinator; total grant: 4.976.183 euro)  - 659.000 euro.

Lung Cell Atlas v1.0 - Chan Zuckerberg Initiative HCA Seed Network - 350.000 euro.

Towards targetting the origin of the inflammatory cascade in allergic asthma (TORCA) - Lung Foundation consortiumproject LF 18.026 - 380.000 euro.

Single-cell RNA sequencing in asthma remission - Public-Private collaborative research grant Sanger Inst. & GSK - 340.100 euro.

How genetics can inform development of GSK IL33/ST2 inhibitors in asthma - Public-Private collaborative research grant U Nottingham & GSK - 512.751 euro.  

TARGIT – enhanced allergen immunotherapy - EUROSTARS E!10545 grant; coordinator: DC4U (Amsterdam) - 496.505 euro.

The critical role for TGFb/SMAD3 pathway in the inception of asthma caused by reduced PCDH1 expression - Stichting Tetri pilot research project - 90.000 euro.

Molecular Mechanisms of Asthma Remission – CTTV027 - Public-Private collaborative research grant Sanger Inst. & GSK - 925.000 euro.

Identifying causal mechanisms of the inception of asthma through a novel experimental model for the interaction of the PCDH1 gene and environment. - Lung Foundation consortiumproject LF 14.020 - 400.000 euro.

Epithelial cells alarming the immune system in COPD. - Nederlands Astma Fonds project NAF 11.025 - 250.000 euro.

Vitamin D3 as adjuvant in a therapeutic vaccine for allergic asthma - Nederlands Astma Fonds project NAF 10.060 - 250.000 euro.

Mechanisms of the Development of ALLergy: An integrated approach from phenotypes to system medicine (MeDaLL). - European Union FP7 integrated project - 300.000 euro.

Protocadherin-1 expression in airway epithelium: Investigations into a novel cause of bronchial hyperresponsiveness and asthma. - Nederlands Astma Fonds project NAF 09.055 - 250.000 euro.

Cutting down on E-cadherin: E-cadherin as key regulator of allergic asthma. Nederlands Astma Fonds project NAF 07.019 - 225.000 euro.

In vivo functional screens for oncogenic and tumorsuppressive microRNAs. - KWF kankerbestrijding project NKI 2007-3908 - 230.000 euro

Integrated Functional Genomics in Mutant Mouse Models as Tools to Investigate the Complexity of Human Immunological Disease (MUGEN). - European Union FP6 Network of Excellence LSHG-CT-2005-005203 - 100.000 euro. 

Several additional research grants from charities including: Stichting Astmabestrijding; Stichting Beatrix Kinderziekenhuis; Noordelijke Cara Stichting; De Cock Stichting

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