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Practical matters How to find us dr. ir. M.C. (Martijn) Nawijn
University Medical Center Groningen

dr. ir. M.C. (Martijn) Nawijn

Associate Professor
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(CTTV027) projectin collaboration with Sanger, sponsored through GSK open innovation

Molecular Mechanisms of Asthma Remission (925.000 euro; 2015).

Lung Foundation Consortium grants

Op weg naar genezing van astma: Inzicht in het ontstaan van astma met een nieuw experimenteel model voor de interactie tussen omgevingsfactoren en het astmagen PCDH1 (800.000 euro; 2014).


FP7 integrated project European Union

Mechanisms of the Development of ALLergy: An integrated approach from phenotypes to system medicine (MeDALL) (300.000 euro; 2010)


Lung Foundation research grants

- Epithelial cells alarming the immune system in COPD – at the root of COPD susceptibility? (250.000 euro; 2011)

- Vitamin D3 as adjuvant in a therapeutic vaccine for allergic asthma (250.000 euro; 2010)

- Protocadherin-1 expression in airway epithelium: Investigations into a novel cause of bronchial hyperresponsiveness and asthma (250.000 euro; 2009)

- Cutting down on E-cadherin; Evaluating E-cadherin as a key regulator of allergic asthma. (225.000 euro; 2008)


Private-Public Partnership projects as part of the BioBrug program

SAINT as a carrier for allergeen vaccins (Synvolux; BioBrug 91; 20.000 euro)

Huisstofmijt allergeen vaccins (Citeq; BioBrug 97; 27.500 euro)

Grass pollen allergeen vaccins (DC4U; BioBrug 103; 23.500 euro)

T cell responses in novel allergen vaccins (DC4U; BioBrug 108; 18.750 euro)

FP6 network of excellence large integrative project, European Union

Integrated Functional Genomics in Mutant Mouse Models as Tools to Investigate the Complexity of Human Immunological Disease (MUGEN; 100.000 euro; 2005).


KWF kankerbestrijding

In vivo functional screens for oncogenic and tumorsuppressive microRNAs (project NKI 2007-3908; 230.000 euro)


Joint Southampton/Groningen GUIDE Ubbo Emmeus PhD project

Unravelling the protective role of Pim kinases in airways diseases (2009).


Several additional research grants from charities including:

Stichting Astmabestrijding

Stichting Beatrix Kinderziekenhuis


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