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dr. M.C. Michel

Associate Professor - Chair of Language Learning
dr. M.C. Michel

  • PhD supervision

    • Ongoing (Groningen University)
      • Loes Groen "Bruggen bouwen: Een academisch profielspecifiek leesvaardigheidsprogramma op het VWO ter voorbereiding op het lezen van wetenschappelijke Engelstalige teksten in het vervolgonderwijs" Promotor: Prof. Wander Lowie. Fully funded by Dudoc Alfa.
    • Ongoing (Lancaster University)
      • Jacky Chan “Word learning by child EFL learners in natural settings – the role of the preschool teacher” Co-supervised with Padraic Monaghan. Fully funded Economics and Social Sciences Research Council (ESRC) Scholarship, UK.
      • Laura Stiefenhöfer “Invstigating collaborative task-based online writing. Triangulating eye-tracking and key-stroke logging”. Fully funded English for Academic Purposes Scholarship, Lancaster University.
      • Giulia Sulis “The dynamics of student and teacher motivation in the task-based multilingual classroom”. Co-supervised with Jenefer Philp. Fully funded Faculty of Social Sciences Scholarship, Lancaster University
    • Completed (Lancaster University)
      • Lara Vella “Out of school attitudes of parents and their children towards English and Maltese in Malta” (2018)
      • Nadia ElAraini “Knowledge and use of syntactic focusing devices of advanced Saudi female EFL learners” (2018)
      • José Luis Moreno Vega “Effects of input enhancement on L2 intake” (2018)
      • Abdalkarim Zawawi “Quantifying syntactic priming in oral production: A corpus-based investigation into dyadic interaction of L1-L1 and L2-L2 speakers of English” (2017)
      • Nicola Halenko “Evaluating the explicit pragmatic instruction of requests and apologies in a study abroad setting.The case of Chinese ESL learners at a UK higher education institution” (2017)
      • Muna Al-Shehri “Incidental vocabulary acquisition through listening by young Saudi Arabic learners of English” (2015)
  • Current teaching at the RUG
    • MA Applied Linguistics: Teaching Methodology and Second Language Development
    • BA Europese languages and culture: German as a foreign language
    • BA Communication/Information Sciences: Intercultural Communicatie
  • Former teaching (selection)
    • BA level
      • Taalonderwijskunde; Methoden onderzoek Interculturele communicatie (Universiteit Utrecht)
      • Communicative Language Teaching (Universität Mannheim)
      • De meertalige stad; Dutch language and society (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
      • Deutsch als Zweitsprache im Fach (Technische Universität Dortmund)
      • DaZ und Theater (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen)
    • MA level - at Lancaster University
      • Second Language Acquisition
      • Instructed SLA
      • Research Methods in Applied Linguistics (online)
      • Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT)
    • PhD level
      • TBLT (blended learning, Thesis and Coursework, Lancaster University)
      • Summerschool on SLA (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
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Contact information

Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 26
9712 EK Groningen
The Netherlands