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Measuring lexical alignment during L2 peer interaction via written synchronous computer-mediated communication: An eye-tracking study

Task Effects on Linguistic Complexity and Accuracy: A Largeā€Scale Learner Corpus Analysis Employing Natural Language Processing Techniques

Measuring cognitive task demands using dual task methodology, subjective self-ratings, and expert judgments: A Validation Study

Language at preschool in Europe: Early years professionals in the spotlight

Effects of task complexity on the use of conjunctions in oral L2 task performance

Adapting to children’s individual language proficiency: An observational study of preschool teacher talk addressing monolinguals and children learning English as an additional language

Chatting with Your Peers across Modalities: Effects of Performing Increasingly Complex Written Computer-Mediated Tasks on Oral L2 Development

Doe normaal in meer dan één taal!

L2 writing processes and language learning in individual and collaborative conditions

Lexical and syntactic alignment during English-Spanish teletandem meetings

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Nieuwsbrief mvt (moderne vreemde talen) - redactie

Groningse hoogleraar over alarmdag: 'Ik werk elke avond door'

Podcast Interview: Taal Gewoon Doen! - #2: Grammatica leren door te communiceren

Als je wilt dat studenten in het Engels studeren, moet je het ze wel leren

Huh, wat zei je? Als je accent een belemmering vormt

Imagining the Future of Multilingualism

Deutsch im Norden (DIN)

Podcast Interview 'Teacher Talking Time'

Hosting Twitter account @NL_wetenschap

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