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A Prescription Trend Analysis of Methylphenidate: Relation to Study Reports on Efficacy

ADHD and brain anatomy: What do academic textbooks used in the Netherlands tell students?

What children and young people learn about ADHD from youth information books: A text analysis of nine books on ADHD available in Dutch

Academic textbooks on ADHD genetics: Balanced or biased? (vol 12, 1305590, 2017)

Do troublesome pupils impact teacher perception of the behaviour of their classmates?

Teachers' role and attitudes concerning ADHD medication: A qualitative analysis

The advantages of an ADHD classification from the perspective of teachers

The relative impact of school‐wide positive behavior support on teachers’ perceptions of student behavior across schools, teachers, and students

Balancing between care-giving and professionalism: Women's narratives on fostering a victim of maternal sexual abuse

Speaking With and Without Words-An Analysis of Foster Children's Expressions and Behaviors That Are Suggestive of Prior Sexual Abuse

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