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dr. J.W. (Jan Willem) Drijvers

Associate Professor/Reader in Ancient History
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I teach (with pleasure) cultural and political history of the Graeco-Roman World on all levels - Bachelor, Master and Research Master - in the History Department, the department of Classical Philology and the Research Master Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies.


Some recent courses:

Introduction into Ancient History (lecture course for 1st year History students)

Summerschool Rome (for Ba-students Honours College)

"The Fall of the Roman Empire" (Ma course)

"The World of Late Antiquity" (Ma course)

Exploring Late Antiquity (OIKOS course for ReMa and PhD students in collaboration with Daniëlle Slootjes)

From Constantine the Great to Charlemagne: The Transformation from Antiquity to the Middle Ages (Ma course)

Image and Perception of the City of Rome: Moments and Monuments (Ba-3/Ma course)

Emperor and God: The Christianization of the Roman Empire (Ba-3 course)

"Good Guys and Bad Guys": Image and Perception of Roman emperors (Ba-3 course)

Jews, Pagans and Heretics in a Christianising World: Religious Diversity in the Late-Roman Empire (Ba-3 course)

Culture, Politics and Theatre in the Ancient World (Ba-2 course)

From Homer's Odyssey to Egeria's pilgrim's report: Travel in the Ancient World (Ba-2 course)

Rome in Hollywood: The Representation of Ancient Rome in American Film (Ba-2 course)

The Graeco-Roman Perception of the Orient (Ba-2 course)

The Romans in the Low Countries (Ba-2 course)

Romans, Batavians and Dutch National Identity (Ba-2 course)

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