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Jerusalem – Aelia Capitolina: Imperial Intervention, Patronage and Munificence

Panegyricus Latinus 12(9): Constantine's Religious Ideology

Review of L. van Hoof & P. Van Nuffelen, The Fragmentray Latin Histories of Late Antiquity (AD 300-620), Cambridge: CUP 2020

Barsauma, Eudocia, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount

Josef Wiesehöfer and Sabine Müller (eds.), Parthika: Greek and Roman Authors' Views of the Arsacid Empire (Wiesbaden 2015)

Shlomit Weksler-Bdolah, Aelia Capitolina - Jerusalem in the Roman Period: In light of Archaeological Research

Gratian's Campaign against the Lentienses and his Journey to Thrace (Ammianus Marcellinus 31.10 & 31.11.6): A New Chronology

Introduction. Leadership, Ideology and Crowds in the Roman Empire of the 4th Century AD

Procopius in Dutch

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