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dr. J.M. (Jolien) Mouw

Assistant professor

  • Keeping Order in a Virtual Kindergarten Classroom: Using Virtual Reality to promote pre-service teachers' kindergarten-specific classroom management skills. In collaboration with Marjon Fokkens-Bruinsma.
  • Do ‘eye’ see it all? Evaluating the effectiveness of visualizing student teachers’ gazing patterns to support classroom management strategy development in a VR-kindergarten classroom.
  • Professionalizing Online and Blended/Hybrid Education @ the University of Groningen: PhD project Ha Nguyen. This interdisciplinary project addresses the effectiveness of different forms of online and/or blended/hybrid teaching aiming at investigating which innovations are designed and implemented, and if they ‘work well’ at the UG, how they ‘work’, for whom they ‘work’ and under which conditions they ‘work’.
  • Teaching in times of Corona: We studied the way in which teachers shaped their emergency remote teaching practices in times of COVID-19's first educational lockdown. We aimed to evaluate risk and protective factors for teachers’ emergency remote teaching practices and mental health, in terms of Technological-Pedagogical Content Knowledge competencies and resulting professionalization needs, psychological well-being, and teacher stress. With the results of our research, we hope to facilitate policymakers and school boards in making informed decisions when it comes to supporting teachers during distance learning. In collaboration with Marjon Fokkens-Bruinsma and Elisa Kupers
  • Kennisnetwerk Onderwijs Noord-Nederland (Knowledge Network Education in the North Netherlands: How can we ensure that scientific knowledge about promising and successful educational practices meaningfully reaches the daily work field? Thanks to the grant from the KNAW pilot fund 'Science communication by scientists: Gewaardeerd', we can further bundle and strengthen our science communication activities. Our aim is to promote and engage in discussions about educational research with stakeholders from the educational field in the Northern Netherlands in a structured and coherent way. Mutual exchange of ideas, knowledge, experiences, and potential issues is key in this process. In specific, we focus on promoting and realizing equal educational opportunities.
  • Professionalizing Online/Hybrid/Blended learning @UG
  • Guiding Coalition Hybride Onderwijs: By supporting teachers to redesign their courses where online activities and (limited) face-to-face meetings are both part of a balanced blended learning design, we can help teachers make the change from Emergency Remote Teaching to Hybrid Teaching. This means investment from teachers, support, faculties and the university as a whole towards well-designed blended learning is not only helpful in the current situation but also beneficial in the long run leading to well-balanced designs that make optimal use of different possibilities for teaching and learning. The coalition aims to provide didactical, practical, and support advice for challenges but also opportunities that lie ahead in the future of hybrid education at our university. I.c.w. Hans Beldhuis, Vincent de Boer, Gerald Jonker, Anne Beaulieu & Elisa Kupers
  • Professional Learning Community - Tools for interactive learning design
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