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The combined effect of regulators’ and retailers’ actions to stimulate consumer participation in retail energy markets

The market for privacy: Understanding how consumers trade off privacy practices

Timing customer reactivation initiatives

Consumers’ privacy calculus: The PRICAL index development and validation

Creating Value with Data Analytics in Marketing: Mastering Data Science

The effect of required warmth on consumer acceptance of artificial intelligence in service: The moderating role of AI-human collaboration

Acquiring customers through online marketplaces? The effect of marketplace sales on sales in a retailer's own channels

Corrigendum to ‘The Role of Marketing in Digital Business Platforms’ [Journal of Interactive Marketing 51 (2020) p. 72–90] (Journal of Interactive Marketing (2020) 51 (72–90), (S1094996820300876), (10.1016/j.intmar.2020.04.006))

Data analytics in a privacy-concerned world

Introduction to the special issue - Digital business models: A multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder perspective

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Genomineerden MOAwards 2021 bekend

Genomineerden MOAwards 2021 bekend