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dr. J.A. van Laar

Universitair Docent

App Assisted Middle Ground

The goal of this initiative is to exploit the outcomes of an applied philosophy and critical thinking project, called Middle Ground. In this project, we have developed an educational method for deliberative negotiation, i.e. a transparent, non-manipulative discussion about a controversial (moral or political) issue aimed at a reasonable compromise that fairly reflects the participants’ diverging perspectives. The current initiative specifically aims: at developing an app that enables large numbers of small groups of students to engage in such deliberative negotiations; developing a number of flexible course modules for a diversity of university and other curricula in which to embed the app; and at promoting the app.

More information can be found at:

Deliberation method, for "deliberative negotiation," Meeting Ground (Dutch: "Tussenweg"), as used in various university courses
Deliberatiemethode voor "deliberatief onderhandelen," Tussenweg zoals gebruikt op het voortgezet onderwijs en universiteit

User guide for the Middle Ground App (contact if you want access to the software)

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