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Be Reasonable!: How to Be an Optimist in the 'Age of Unreason'

In the Quagmire of Quibbles: A Dialectical Exploration

Turning the Tables: Up- and Downgrading of Evaluative Terms in Public Controversies

Be Reasonable! Ways to React to Cases of Presumed Unreason

Commentary on “Connectives and Straw Men: Experimental Approach on French and English“ by Jennifer Schumann and Sandrine Zufferey.

Reason to Dissent: Proceedings of the 3rd European Conference on Argumentation, Volume I, II and III

Criticism and Justification of Negotiated Compromises: The 2015 Paris Agreement in Dutch Parliament

Goals and functions of public argumentation

Introduction: Dans le bourbier des arguties

Middle Ground: Settling a public controversy by means of a reasonable compromise

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