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Governance and Innovation

Address:Wirdumerdijk 34
8911 CE Leeuwarden
The Netherlands


Beaulieu, prof. dr. J.A.
Associate Professor of Science and Technology Studies; Director Data Research Centre
Bunnik, A.M., MA
Researcher, Data Research Centre
Coler, M.L., PhD
Associate Professor and Research Program Manager
Do, T.P., MA
PhD Student
Eren, S., MSc
PhD Researcher in Science and Technology Studies
Gallo, dr. V.
Rosalind Franklin Fellow, Associate Professor in Epidemiology & Sustainable Health
Gstrein, dr. O.J.
Assistant Professor ; Campus Fryslân Data Research Centre
Huiskes, M.C., MA
Lecturer and Doctoral Researcher
Kraamwinkel, C.T., MSc
PhD researcher
Rahmadian, E.
Ph.D Researcher in Governance and Innovation
Schulz, dr. K.A.
Assistant Professor Governance & Innovation
Zande, dr. I.S.E. van der
Programme Director University College Fryslân
Zwitter, prof. dr. A.J.
Dean of Faculty Campus Fryslân / Prof. of Governance and Innovation
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