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Governance and Innovation

Address:Wirdumerdijk 34
8911 CE Leeuwarden
The Netherlands


Boerma, prof. dr. E.C.
Professor meaningful preventive care, endowed by the Stichting Topklinische Zorg Friesland
Bouman, dr. L.
Assistant professor
Bunnik, A.M., MA
Researcher, Data Research Centre
Cavagnaro, dr. E.
Associate Professor of Responsible Leadership Development and Sustainability in Tourism
Gstrein, O.J., Dr
Associate Professor 'Human Dignity in the Digital Age'; Programme Director BSc Data Science and Society; 'Data Autonomy' Theme Coordinator Jantina Tammes School; Deputy Department Head Governance and Innovation
Haleem, N., PhD
Assistant Professor, Data Science & Society
Huiskes, M.C., MA
Lecturer and Doctoral Researcher
Schulz, K.A., Dr
Assistant Professor Governance & Innovation
Verkooijen, prof. dr. P.V.D.J.
Chair of the Climate Adaptation Programme
Yousefzadeh Faal Daghati, S.
Associate Professor, Intersectional Wellbeing and Decoloniality
Zande, dr. I.S.E. van der
Associate Professor Transformative Education & Applied Ethics; Director of Education Campus Fryslân
Zwitter, A.J., Prof
Professor of Political Theory and Governance / Chair of Governance and Innovation

PhD students

Blauth, T.F.
PhD student
Han, X.
PhD student
Hoffman, drs. J.T.
PhD student
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