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Faculty: administrative staff

Address:Oude Boteringestraat 38
9712 GK Groningen
The Netherlands


Berg, drs. D.L. van den
Policy officer internationalization and research
Boer, drs. T.M.L. de
Educational coordinator/Study advisor
Bot, K.D.J.M. de, MA
Coordinator Gammasteunpunt
Bremmer, prof. dr. J.N. -
Emeritus Professor of Science of Religion and Comparative Religious Studies
Caron-Feiken, drs. C.B.
Communications officer Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies
Elzinga, A.
Reception officer
Ende, K. van den, MA
Assistant education developer / Study advisor
Hei-van der Touw, M.H. de
Education Administration Officer
Kootstra, D., MA
Coordinator events and high school projects ThRS
Luth, dr. J.R.
Em. Lecturer in Liturgical Science, especially Hymnology and Church Music
Mason, prof. dr. S.N.
Em. Distinguished Professor of Ancient Mediterranean Religions and Cultures
Pol, W.C. van de
Putten, drs. H.T. van
IT, Web-, and Education Coordinator, member University Council
Sanders, prof. dr. A.F.
Em. Professor of philosophy of religion, especially the philosophy of the multi-religious society
Timmermans, L.
Coordinator Student Office Administration
Velden, N. van der
Teacher Communication and Information Studies
Vellenga, dr. S.J.
Em. Lecturer Sociology of Religion
Wolters, T., MSc
International Marketing & Communications

PhD students

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