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How to find us

Technical Support Unit

Address:Nijenborgh 4
9747 AG Groningen
The Netherlands


Altenburg, J.E.
Research Electronicus
Bosman, S.T.
Employee wastes and hazardous substances, Logistics member,
Dresme, W.F.J.
Instrument Maker
Groot, ir. N.A. de
Head, Technical Department
Huisman, R.K., B
Research elektronicus
Jonker, ing. W.J.
Research Electronicus
Kedah, R.P.M.
Test Manager NEN-3140
Kuiper, J.
Operational Cryogenic Technician
Marinus, W.W.
Research Instrument Maker
Poelman, ing. T.P.
Research Elektronicus
Roberts, G.P.
Administrator Technical Warehouse
Tilman, D.J.M.
research instrumentmaker
Tuin, R. van der
Research Instrumentmaker
Veenstra, ing. R.
Mechanical Engineer
Velde, R. van der
Research instrumentmaker
Vervoort, M.
Glass Instrument maker
Weel, A.H. van der
Glass instrumentmaker
Wolf, M.C. de
Precision mechanic
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