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Rural resilience and renewable energy in North-East Groningen, the Netherlands: in search of synergies

Towards and integrated energy landscape

A Spatial Analysis of the Potentials for Offshore Wind Farm Locations in the North Sea Region: Challenges and Opportunities

Adaptive planning and the capacity to perform in moments of change

Handbook on Planning and Complexity

Post-contingency: Considering complexity as a matter of choice

Qualitative comparative analysis for analyzing spatial planning processes

Rationalities for adaptive planning to address uncertainties

The performance of marine spatial planning in coordinating offshore wind energy with other sea-uses: The case of the Dutch North Sea

Adaptieve Planning in Perspectief: Over adaptieve sturingsbenaderingen voor het borgen en versterken van de kwaliteit van de leefomgeving in een veranderlijke wereld

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The energytransition can be nice, if you are smart about it!

Leve de energierevolutie

Energie in Zicht

Energie tekent het landschap

Noorderbreedte Aardbevingen, Guest editor

Paying attention to the local situation is crucial to energy transition

Draagvlak door Windenergie

Integreren van energie initiatieven in hun omgeving

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