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prof. dr. C. (Christian) Zuidema

Adjunct Hoogleraar Ruimtelijke Planning

My research and teaching come together under the heading of 'Planning for Sustainable Tranformations'. Following my PhD work on environmental planning, I increasingly engaged with topics such as sustainable urban managment and integrated energy planning. My research interests also include theoretical work on governance renewal, post-contingency, adaptive planning and decentralisation. I am and have been involved in numerous international research projects, notably on the topic of Integrated Energy Planning.

Apart form my journal publications, I published various books, such as Stimulating Local Environmental Policy (2011), Smart Methods for Environmental Externalities (2012) and Decentralization in Environmental Governance; a post-contingency approach (2016). Also, I have be a co-organizer of the International Groningen Summer School for PhDs since 2015.


2011 PhD in ‘Spatial Sciences’ at the University of Groningen. Dissertation: ‘Stimulating Local Environmental Policy; Making Sense of Decentralization in Environmental Governance’ Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Gert de Roo Cum laude

2003 Master Degree ‘Environment and Infrastructure Planning’ Specialization ‘Environment and Water’ and specialization ‘Infrastructure Planning’ Cum laude


2014  Teacher of the Year 2013 of the University of Groningen

2013  Urban Design and Planning, Journal Paper Prize 2013 of the Young Academics Network of the Association of European Schools of Planning (with Drs. Jessica de Boer)

2013 Teacher of the Year 2013 of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen

2006 ‘Young Planner’ award of the ‘Dutch Professional Association of Urban Designers and Planners’ (BNSP) for the Paper:Locale Milieukwaliteit gestimuleerd; Over de mechanismen van het lokaal streven naar milieukwaliteit en de mogelijke beïnvloedbaarheid hiervan


2018 - now: Member of the board the RUG Groningen Energy and Sustainability Programme

2014 - now: Member of the board of advisors for the Groningen Energiekoepel [Groningen Energy Association]

2012 - now: Member of the Energy Academy Europe

2009 - now: Member of the board of the International Urban Planning and Environment Association

2004-2006:  Member of the ‘Dossierteam Stadsmilieu’ [Focus Group Urban Environment] of the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment

2004-2006:  Member of the ‘Extended European Union Expert Group on the Urban Environment’, and advisory body for the European Commission

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