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Practical matters How to find us C. (Charmaine) Borg, Dr

C. (Charmaine) Borg, Dr

Assistant Professor, Certified PsychoSexologist

Most of my teaching duties involve the supervision of MS dissertations and internships in my research field (i.e., sexual arousal, human sexuality and the emotion of disgust). Additionally sometimes I take 1 to 2, (hons) practicum groups about academic skills that I follow for a whole academic year. I also coordinate the Capita Selecta (written exam) study on the topic of human sexuality. I  offer a literature study in Human Sexuality and a literature study in Clinical Forensics, and I am also often involved as guest lecturer in a number of courses (e.g., neuropsychology and psychopathology (currently the coordinator of the this course, 2018/2019)).

My teaching roles (also) include:

  1. Coordinator: Psychopathology: symptoms, classifications and diagnosis - PSB3E-KP01
  2. Coordinator: Theses for Clinical Forensic Psychology Masters - PSEMFT-20 &    PSEMFT-10
  3. Track Coordinator: Clinical Psychology Masters
  4. Coordinatoe: Capita Selecta Sexology - PSB3N-M03
I am also involved as guest lecturer at the Univeristy of Amsterdam (in the course Sexology, and in the module Human Sexology at the University of Malta (PSY2626-SEM2-A-2122).


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