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C. (Charmaine) Borg, Dr

Assistant Professor, Certified PsychoSexologist


 (Sexual) Self disgust and cleansing behaviour. (Berber Brouwer, M.Sc., dr. Mirjam Frey, Prof. dr Peter de Jong) - 2022

 Testing core assumptions of current models of dyspareunia: Do pain and disgust expectancies indeed inhibit sexual arousal, and is heightening sexual arousal a way out to reduce pain? (PhD Candidate, Lara Lakhsassi, Prof. dr . Peter de Jong from RuG, and Prof. dr . Peer Briken from Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf ) – 2022

 The Impact of Meaning and Expectations of Sex on the Onset and Maintenanceof Vulvar Pain. (PhD Candidate, Carlotta Oesterling, Prof. dr. Klaus Beier and dr. Laura Hatzler from Charite University Hospital and Prof. Peter de Jong from RuG) - 2022

 Sexual violence and its consequences, risk factors and prevention strategies. (Prof. dr. Nina Heinrichs, Prof. dr Marcos Bote, Prof. dr. Stephanie Both among others…) 2020

 Sexual creativity and sexual cohesion in long term couples (Tabea Zorn, M.S.c, dr. Ralf Cox, Prof. dr Marieke Timmerman, Prof. dr. Peter de Jong) 2021

 Orgasm and sleep quality (Carlotta Oesterling M.Sc, and Prof. dr. Marike Lancel) - 2022

 Investigating the neural regional homogeneity changes underlying sexual arousal in women (dr. Antonella Bugeja, and Dr.Claude Julien Bajada, Univeristy of Malta) - 2022

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