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C. (Charmaine) Borg, Dr

Assistant Professor


>>Media coverage

Our research ( been covered by the Scientific American, TIME magazine, U.S. News & World Report, The Huffington Post and
ABC News. Media coverage extended to UK - The Times of England, Daily news; the metro, the guardian, as well as
media in Ireland, India, Malaysia, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Austria, Malta, Australia, Italy, and Brazil among others. Paper is viewed > 60,000 times

Appeareance in a national TV programme covering Disgust and Sex (8e seizoen): Aired by VPRO on October 13th, 2013. On Nederland 2, at 19.50. Link to the clip:

Appearance in a national TV program covering Sex:  Factcheckers. Aired by VPRO on February 13th, 2014. On Nederland 3, at 20.55

National News Papers - about our work more generally: De Telegraaf, 5th December, 2013;  The UK-University newsletter -, 12th February, 2014. NRC (Premium Dutch Newspaper): Article covering our work  - interview by Dr. Ellen de Bruin

TED-Like for Faculty of Behavioural and Social SciencesExperimental psychopathology

Internation Media covering our work.

Publication: Scientific American

Title: “Sexual Arousal Women Are Harder to Gross Out”

Publication: Wired UK
Title: “Sexual Arousal May Help Women Ignore the Yuck Factor | Wired Science |”

Publication: Sexuality
Title: “What Do You Find Sexually Disgusting?”

Title: “Lust May Dampen Humans' Sense of Disgust, Study Suggests - -”

Publication: Mother Nature Network
Title: “Sexual arousal dampens natural disgust response | MNN - Mother Nature Network”

Publication: Discover Magazine Discoblog
Title: “NCBI ROFL: Being horny makes everything seem less disgusting. | Discoblog | Discover Magazine”

Publication: French Tribune
Title: “Sexually Aroused Women Are Not Easy to be Disgusted | French Tribune”

Publication: LimeLife
Title: “Why Sex Isn't As Gross As It Should Be | LimeLife”

Publication: Mail Online
Title: “Study finds sexually aroused women are less easily disgusted | Mail Online”

Publication: The Body Odd
Title: “Sexually aroused women aren't easily grossed out - The Body Odd”

Publication: CBS Seattle
Title: “Study: Feelings Of Disgust In Women Diminished By Sexual Arousal « CBS Seattle”

Publication: Times of India
Title: “Sexually aroused women don't feel disgusted - Times Of India”

Publication: Medical Daily
Title: “Sweat, Saliva, and Smells: How Sexual Desire Overpowers Disgust : Science/Tech : Medical Daily”

Publication: TIME Healthland
Title: “Why Sex Doesn't Gross You Out When You're Aroused | Healthland |”
Publication: Inkfish
Title: “Inkfish: Sex Makes Everything Less Disgusting”

Publication: io9
Title: “Sexually aroused women find everything less disgusting”

Publication: The Atlantic
Title: “Study: Sexual Arousal Staves off Disgust - Lindsay Abrams - The Atlantic”

Publication: The Guardian
Title: “Is sex really so disgusting for women? Only when it involves mayonnaise | Comment is free |”

Publication: Huffington Post
Title: “How Arousal Overrides Disgust During Sex: Study”

Publication: Health Day
Title: “Lust May Dampen Humans' Sense of Disgust, Study Suggests”

Publication: ABC News
Title: “Sexual Arousal Dampens 'Ick' Factor - ABC News”

Publication: The Conversation
Title: “Dirty but not down: how sexual arousal can dampen disgust”

Publication: Everyday Health
Title: “When Yuck Becomes Yes! - Sexual Health Center -”

Publication: Live Science
Title: “That's Not Gross! Sexual Arousal Lessens Disgust | LiveScience”


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