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Age‐related differences in self‐reported disgust toward core disgust, sex‐related, and food stimuli

Sexual Arousal and Sexual Pain Disorders in Women

The influence of sexual arousal on subjective pain intensity during a cold pressor test in women

Het European Sexual Medicine Network: Een brede Europese aanpak van seksuele gezondheid

The Realm of Disgust in Sexual Behaviour

Up-regulating Sexual Arousal and Down-regulating Disgust while Watching Pornography: Effects on Sexual Arousal and Disgust

Disgust sensitivity

Highlights Sexology

Implicit Measures in Clinical Sex Research: A Critical Evaluation

Influence of COVID-19 pandemic on sexuality: A cross-sectional study among couples in Turkey

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Who are we at the European Network of Sexual Medicine (ESMN)

Videos for public engagement surrounding topics in sexual medicine

I’ve Suddenly Realized How Disgusting Sex With My Husband Is

Psych-Discuss: Interview on Sexual Addictions

The Pursuit of Sexiness

11 signs that you're falling in love, according to science

Discussing disgust

Confidence doesn't come just from the brain. Your body is playing a role too

How subtle changes in our bodies affect conscious awareness and decision confidence

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